Our Doctors DMC

Doctors Medicare Pvt Ltd is a Nutraceutical Biopharm Company started a decade ago with pharma science and pharma research background in nutraceutical science. 

Doctors DMC driven by three core values 

  • Spirit of Wellness

  • Quality

  • Affordable & Accessible

Empowering people for spirit of wellness for healthier life and to live better

Its a doctor driven company. Heritage & History of DMC it started when doctors pharmacy was started in 2003 with retain outlets and we now entered in Nutraceutical Segment.

We are committed to provide quality products to our customers through our robust GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Facilities across Manufacturing – Supply Chain – End User Delivery.

Our Mission

DMC is committed to deliver affordable &  quality medicines.

DMC strictly adhere a compliance on quality regulations and standard codes.

” CONSUMER TRUST ” is our Mantra…

Innovation & Improvement in production & processing

Competent Team with optimal training & skills 

Get promotions up to 20% for our products

Updated, latest and competitive

Our Values

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